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Super Brawl (also known as Jingle Brawl, Super Fall Brawl, and Super Brawl Summer) is the first game in Nickelodeon's Super Brawl series. It was first released in December 26, 2009, and it has received many updates through 2010 with added characters and stages. All four versions of the game were developed by MP Game Studio.


The gameplay of Super Brawl is reminiscent of traditional fighting games, though not as technical. Each character has their own punch combo moves, a kick move, a jump attack, the ability to block, and a special attack (a strong move that usually references something from the character's show). Pressing the down button and blocking an opponent's attack reduces the amount of damage dealt to you. Using these moves, the goal is to keep attacking your opponent until their health bar is completely depleted. If your health bar gets depleted first, you lose the match. The first player (you or the computer player) to reach 2 wins will successfully win the battle.


Super Brawl has a total of 12 fighters across all versions. Jingle Brawl started off with only 8, Super Brawl added 1, Super Brawl Summer added 2, while the Super Fall Brawl update added the final challenger. However, due to the difficulty regarding the final fighter, he was removed in an additional Super Fall Brawl update.

SB SpongeBob.png
Spongebob Series Icon.png
SB Timmy.png
Fairly OddParents Series Icon.png
SB Otis.png
Barnyard Series Icon.png
SB Fanboy.png
Fanboy Series Icon.png
SB Bessie.png
Mighty B Series Icon.png
SB Rico.png
Penguins Series Icon.png

SB Patrick.png
Spongebob Series Icon.png
SB Danny.png
Danny Phantom
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Planet Sheen Series Icon.png
SB Julien.png
King Julien
SB Blowhole.png
Dr. Blowhole

Non-Playable Characters

  • Squidward Tentacles - Appears on the Krusty Krab stage.
  • Mr. Krabs - Appears on the Krusty Krab stage.
  • Sandy Cheeks - Appears on the Krusty Krab stage.
  • Bikini Bottom Citizens - Appears on the Krusty Krab stage.
  • Jellyfish - Appears on the Jellyfish Fields stage.
  • Cosmo - Summoned via Timmy's special attack.
  • Wanda - Summoned via Timmy's special attack.
  • Poof - Appears on the Fairy World stage.
  • Jorgen von Strangle - Appears on the Fairy World stage.
  • Dimmsdale Kids - Appears on the Carnival stage.
  • Sam Manson - Appears on the Amity Park stage.
  • Tucker Foley - Appears on the Amity Park stage.
  • Sokka - Appears on the Wasteland stage.
  • Katara - Appears on the Wasteland stage.
  • Appa - Appears on the Wasteland stage.
  • Abby - Appears on the Farm Road stage.
  • Pip - Appears on the Farm Road stage.
  • Penny Lefcowitz - Appears on the Pier 31 stage.
  • Happy Higgenbottom - Appears on the Pier 31 stage.
  • Skipper - Appears on the Penguin Lair stage.
  • Kowalski - Appears on the Penguin Lair stage.
  • Private - Appears on the Penguin Lair stage.
  • Maurice - Appears on the Jungle stage.
  • Mort - Stands alongside King Julien, and deal damage via special attack.
  • Chum Chum - Stands alongside Fanboy and cheers him on.
  • Boogregard Shlizetti - Appears on the Frosty Mart stage.
  • Yo - Appears on the Frosty Mart stage.
  • Kyle Bloodworth-Thomason - Appears on the Playground stage.
  • Oz Harmounian - Appears on the Playground stage.
  • Bones - Appears on the House of Pain stage.


Super Brawl features several modes, each with their own premise. All modes in this game are single-player.


Arcade mode is a "free play" mode. You are able to freely select your character, your opponent, and whatever stage you'd like to fight on. Nothing is randomly selected for you. The first to two wins will successfully win the match.


Tournament mode is similar to many single player modes seen in fighting games. You pick one character, and will have to battle a series of 5 different opponents without losing a single match. Winning tournament mode can often earn you some unlockable rewards, such as characters and stages.


Training mode is a practice mode where you, the player, can select a fighter and try out their moves freely without worry of an attacking opponent (you attack a punching bag instead). This mode is for individuals who would like to learn their character's moves.


Stage Universe Added Since Status
Krusty Krab SpongeBob SquarePants
Jellyfish Fields
Goo Lagoon
Fairy World The Fairly OddParents
Amity Park Danny Phantom
Wasteland Avatar: The Last Airbender
Autumn Forest
Farm Road Back at the Barnyard
Pumpkin Patch
Pier 31 The Mighty B!
Jungle The Penguins of Madagascar
Penguin Lair
Coney Island Hideout
Frosty Mart Fanboy & Chum Chum
House of Pain Planet Sheen


Jingle Brawl

Jingle Brawl character roster, including unlockables.

Jingle Brawl is the first version of Super Brawl. It is Christmas themed and was released on December 26, 2009. This version's starting roster included Fanboy, Otis, Classic SpongeBob, Timmy, and Rico. King Julien, Aang, and Danny Phantom were hidden unlockables in the game, and the only way to access them at the time was by entering special unlock codes.

The starting stages included the Krusty Krab, Fairy World, Jungle, Frosty Mart, Penguin Lair, and Farm Road. "Wasteland" and "Amity Park" (Aang and Danny Phantom's stages) were unlockable by using special unlock codes.

The only mode available from the start was Tournament Mode. Arcade Mode and Training Mode had to be unlocked using special unlock codes.

Super Brawl

Super Brawl is the 2nd version of the first entry in the Super Brawl series. Unlike the other versions, it is not themed after a holiday nor season. In this version, every character, stage, and mode that was unlockable in Jingle Brawl is available from the beginning.

This version adds Dr. Blowhole as a playable character alongside his stage "Coney Island Hideout", having to be unlocked by playing through the game's Tournament Mode. Additional content includes new stages from SpongeBob SquarePants and The Fairly OddParents, being "Jellyfish Fields" and "Carnival". Both stages are available from the beginning.

Super Brawl Summer

Super Brawl Summer is the 3rd version of the first entry in the Super Brawl series. As per tradition, all unlockables in the previous game are available from the start here. As the name suggests, the game's theme is summer, with the UI having a very beachy vibe.

This version adds both The Mighty B!'s Bessie & Spongebob Squarepants' Patrick Star as playable characters. Unlike Bessie and Pier 31!, Patrick and Goo Lagoon are unlockable content, with them being possible to unlock by clearing Tournament Mode.

Super Fall Brawl

Super Fall Brawl is the 4th and final version of the first entry in the first Super Brawl entry. It's UI is themed after the season of autumn, and even some of the added content represents the season. All previously unlockable items are available from the beginning, as per usual.

This version adds Planet Sheen's Sheen Estevez and House of Pain as unlockable content, with both being unlocked by winning Tournament Mode. There are additional stages that have been added from Back at the Barnyard and Avatar: The Last Airbender, being "Pumpkin Patch" and "Autumn Forest".

Some time after Super Fall Brawl released, it quickly received an additional update that removed Sheen as a playable character, alongside his "House of Pain" stage for unknown reasons. Many suspect that this was done due to the amount of complaints of Sheen's battle in Tournament Mode being extremely too difficult and unbeatable, giving people lots of trouble with unlocking him.


Throughout all versions of Super Brawl, there is unlockable content (characters, stages, and modes) you can unlock either by playing through specific modes, or entering codes.

Jingle Brawl


  • Aang - Enter code: Airbender
  • King Julien - Enter code: Lemurking
  • Danny Phantom - Enter code: goingghost


  • Wasteland - Enter code: wasteland
  • Amity Park - Enter code: ghosttown


  • Arcade Mode - Enter code: freeplay
  • Training Mode - Enter code: practice

Super Brawl


  • Dr. Blowhole - Defeat him in the final stage of Tournament Mode.


  • Coney Island Hideout - Unlock Dr. Blowhole.

Super Brawl Summer


  • Patrick - Defeat him in the final stage of Tournament Mode.


  • Goo Lagoon - Unlock Patrick.

Super Fall Brawl


  • Sheen - Defeat him in the final stage of Tournament Mode. (later removed)


  • House of Pain - Unlock Sheen. (later removed)

Where To Play

As Adobe Flash has been discontinued in 2020, many web browsers no longer support Flash content due to the much more interest in HTML5. This decision has left many games, videos, and other content unplayable/unviewable, including Jingle Brawl, Super Brawl, Super Brawl Summer, and Super Fall Brawl.

However, these games are still playable (Windows computer required) via an application called BlueMaxima's Flashpoint -- an app made to preserve the many media projects that were built in Flash, as they were doomed to be lost if not archived in time.

Super Brawl Summer running via Flashpoint.

Simply install Flashpoint Infinity, search Jingle Brawl, Super Brawl, Super Brawl Summer, or Super Fall Brawl, and you should be able to launch the games once again!



  • This is the first and so far only game in the Super Brawl series to have more than 1 updated and themed version.
  • Sheen was removed alongside his home stage House of Pain in an additional update to Super Fall Brawl for unknown reasons.
    • A common theory states that the reasoning for his removal was because of his battle being way too difficult for players.

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